Carbon skinning a McMillan Edge stock

Some years ago I bought a used McMillan Edge rifle stock. My intention at the time was to use it for my old Stolle Panda action. That did not happen as I sold that action in a stock I made from wood and skinned with Carbon fiber and Epoxy.

So when I bought a 2013 Anschutz BR 50 action (J.G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG) from a friend I thought it might be possible to fit this action to the McMillan Edge stock.? So I began to fit this together. I had already routed out the stock to be fitted for the Stolle Panda so it was not much I needed to remove, thought the 2013-BR-50 action is a bit longer than the Panda.

The biggest problem in this was the rear of the BR-50 action, and the big trigger ( witch is a great trigger by the way.) and I had to fill up some parts that was originally cut from the stock and I had to make a new slot for the bolt handle.

A lot had to be cut from the stock to fit the trigger and I saw that I would have some problems with the trigger guard and the screws under the trigger. I had an old trigger guard from another McMillan stock I have I could fit that guard with some modifications under the stock but I need to make a new one open in the back.


For bedding I used Marintex and some car wax I had ( mistake) should have used shoeshine wax. This ANSCHÜTZ 2013 -BR-50 action is a little difficult to make good bedding on, it has many holes and slots witch need to be filled prior to bedding. Using modelling clay I filled this holes but I needed to be sure that the clay would be flat to the surface on the action so it would not stick in the stock. A dark clay would probably have been better to see the small uneven surface of the clay visible after removing the action after bedding. I had some pillars made from aluminum and I screwed a plate under the stock to make the pillar rest on. This gave me the exact high I was looking for and the correct amount of bedding material under the action I was looking for.

Bedding an ANSCHÜTZ 2013 -BR-50 action is different from regular actions for two reason, one is the holes and slots in the action, the other is the 4 screws holding the action. This make the bedding a little difficult specially if one is not doing bedding on a regular bases as I´m not doing. My mistake in the bedding ( I need to re bedd later) was not to put enough material where the reverse recoil lug is in the action. Result, not 100% contackt for the lug and not so good looking bedding, but I will need to re bedd later on.

I decided to make the stock a little more straight on the for end as it had some curve in it .


I have done a skinning before but I knew skinning a Edge stock would be different because I would not have a corner to brake the carbon on. and the pistol grip would be a in a way a bit, I decided to start from the top and make the flat underneath last and make the connection on the front of the pistol grip.

The biggest mistake.

Cutting the carbon is a best done by tape a line bigger than you need and then use scissors to cut down the middle of the tape. I did that and marked on the tape where the middle of the tape would be.

With this method of skinning you mix a black epoxy and paint it on the stock and let it sit for 2 hours before you apply the carbon. I did exactly that and all looked good until I forgot to turn the tape towards me in stead towards the stock, I wrapped the stock perfectly and it looked fine but then I saw that the tape was trapped between the stock and carbon, not good. I had to remove the carbon and by doing so it gets ruined and can not be used so I had to cut a new one and hoped enough epoxy would still remain on the stock to glue the second carbon. I tried this and it looked OK but I later found out that on 2 places on the stock there were some spot out of epoxy witch turn out to be very difficult to fix. I should have just waited 24 hours and sand the black epoxy off and start again.


I painted 3 layers of Miopa Lacquer on top of the epoxy.

I still need to do some finishing touches on this like making a new trigger guard, bedding the action again and some small details I like to fix, but I will have to shoot it first.