Ilyich Steel

Here are some photographs I shoot with my wife Mayya Pigida inside the Ilyich Steel Factory in Mariupol Ukraine. This images where shoot in summer 2016

All images are shoot in color and converted to black and white.

The steel workers in this work in a very harsh condition

A old man sad to me that this workers are heroes for working in this factories under this conditions.

So here are the images I promise to publish 3 years ago

IBWPA member

Today I became a member in the IBWPA


Who We Are

We are the first and only International Association for Photographers specializing in the art of Black and White photography.
Nikon proudly supports IBWPA.

Who We Serve

Enthusiast and Professional Photographers worldwide who shoot partly or mostly in black and white. Since 1999, IBWPA has united hundreds of photographers from 137 Countries.

What We Do

IBWPA is connected with international art and photo galleries and promotes members of the association and their work to every continent.


IBWPA mamber

Hotshoe Award

I have been fortunate enough to receive this award from



WINNER OF PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris

gold award Px3 johannes frank

My images of the Icelandic Sheep taken in the West Fjörds in 2016 won gold award at Px3 in Paris

Icelandic Sheep have been here with us since the first Vikings came to Iceland in 874 And they remain almost the same bred as the Viking brought here. The Sheep has always been used for meat and the wool to make clothing. The Sheep run free during the summer months in Iceland, in the fall they are collected for the winter. some goes to the slaughter house and some live. The Sheep in this images have been free in the mountains in the West Fjords Iceland they ware fresh from the mountains when I took this images and they are the lucky ones this year.

Northern Lights Extreme

Northern Lights Reykjanesvita Marz 2017 Johannes Frank

August 2016 trip to Ukraine.

This is the well in downtown Mariupol johannesfrank


DJI Drone in Þingeyri (Thingeyri)

þingeyri village west fjords Iceland Johannes Frank

Look before you set up your gear

Brimketill, gunnuhver, keilir