The Icelandic Horse

Icelandic Horse Photography has been my passion for many years . 2014 I published a book about the Icelandic Horse called HROSS which is the name Icelanders use for horses. The Icelandic horse is unique in many ways. The breed is unchanged, has not been mixed with other horse breed since they first came here with the Vikings in 874. Thing photographs of this animals is sometimes difficult as the horses are not going to line up and have the images taken they are however extremely friendly and lovable animals. I shoot all my images of the Icelandic horse in color but I change them to black and white. I found that works best for most of the images. The Icelandic horse changes his fur between summer and winter to be able to withstand the harsh Icelandic winter.

My feelings toward keeping the horses outside exposed to all the harsh elements we can have in Icelandic winter has long been that this is a thing of the past, horses do not have to be inside but they need some type of shelter as they are keep inside fences during the winter time and have no ability it choice there own shelter based on the landscape. I hope the horse owners change this.

My book about HROSS can be found here