Abandoned Places

Simple Definition of abandoned

left without needed protection or care – left by the owner – no longer held or thought of – given up.

Abandoned Places have always been drawn to old houses and things people left behind. I have photographed many such places. On this site I have chosen the places that have been the most interesting.

To me this type art form is closely related to black and white photography BLACK AND WHITE 

I know the story behind a few of the houses, but not all I wonder sometime if the house I live in will become abandoned in the future. I’m sure the people who lived in these houses or built, them did not expect that the house they spent a long time building would look like this today.

When visiting abandoned places I see how quickly the natural elements quickly take over when humans have left and there is no one to look after the houses or things. It is not difficult to see how fragile everything is if we do not attend to it. Same as for everything in life.

A interesting link  https://www.loveproperty.com/gallerylist/74504/the-worlds-most-spooky-abandoned-houses For me they would all look more dramatic in Black and White.