At this time of year we often get to see high activity of the Northern Light or Aurora  Borealis. And on the 2. of Mars there was expected to be a high visibility and very strong lights and to make it more interesting a Solar Storm would also ad more contrast to the lights.

I have sometimes been disappointed by the Northern Light forecast and I expected that this would maybe be less than predicted. So about 8.30 in the evening I decided to drive  to The Reykjanes Peninsula as I hoped there would be less people there because the weather forecast showed heavy clouds in that area and then there would be less tourist there, they would all be in different direction, I saw right away from my house in Hafnarfjordur that there ware no clouds as far as I could see in the direction to Reykjanes Peninsula. Half way to the location I saw from my car that the lights was early this evening the clock showed 20:35 I could not stop on the highway so I waited until I had the road to Reykjanes in front of my.

My first image is this one

Northern Lights at the road to Reykjanes peninsula

I was lucky to be on this spot at the right moment to shoot this lights with the moon at the end of curve in the road and the lights from the small  village Hafnir.

It was tempting to just stay there and shoot, you never know how long time the lights will shine. How ever I took the change to drive for 15 more minute to the Reykjanes lighthouse where I got this great lights with the Lighthouse

Northern Lights Reykjanesvita Marz 2017 Johannes Frank

Northern Lights Reykjanesvita Marz 2017

At the beach on my final location I saw no other photographers or tourists  witch is very unusual at this time,  I set up my two cameras one for shooting timelaps and the other for stills.

Reykjanestá Reykjanes Peninsula Aurora Borealis Johannes Frank

Reykjanestá Reykjanes Peninsula Aurora Borealis

My Nikon d800 was set for 30 minutes timelap and I had on it 20 mm 1,8 lens. Camera set on ISO 800 and 3 sec exposure. About 20 minutes in the shoot we had this extreme lights very fast and bright is was almost a daylight when they pased over. I  could only hope my 3 second exposure time would not bee to much in this lights. I  have seen powerful lights at this location before but not like this, maybe the Solar Storm added to this a bit?

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