Johannes Frank Books

HROSS book is dedicated to the magnificent  Icelandic horse

The book is 96 pages of Black and White images of the Icelandic horse.

Foreword: Former President of Iceland. Mr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson.

Story of the Icelandic horse: Hjalti Jón Sveinsson



Yes!! Your magnificent book arrived yesterday and I could not be more thrilled with it..Thank you,thank you….Wishing you all the best-Suzanne

Suzanne Bolton

A week ago I visited Iceland for ten days together with my family. At the Skaftafell visitors center, I found and bought your beautiful photo book Hross. Great shots and straightforward design. The best souvenir from Iceland ever!

I’ve finally come around to write about my visit to Iceland this summer on my blog. In it make a mention of you and your gem of a photo book, Hross.

Finn CalanderPhotographer

I saw your beautiful book of Icelandic horses when I visited your country a few months ago, and since coming home I have regretted not buying a copy when I had the chance!
Is it available by mail order to the UK?
best wishes
Chris Bussicott

Chris Bussicott

Dear Jo!
Your beautiful book arrived me and I’m so happy about this! Thank you so much!
Best wishes,
Yours Gaby from Germany

Gabriele Schweiger

Hi. I just returned from Reykjavik where I saw some of your amazing photographs of Icelandic horses in the window of a little store, unfortunately closed. I managed to purchase your book at the airport and I am now even more taken with these photographs. Are any of your “originals”  (signed and numbered) available for sale ?
Best regards
AnneGrethe Henriksen

AnneGrethe Henriksen

Dear Johannes, in my last holidays in Iceland I bought your book “Hross” with the beautiful black and white picturs of the icelandic horses. Until now I never come to the idea to transfer colour pictures into black and white – but after reading your book I tried with some of mine and it worked quite good – your book really inspired my.
I have an icelandic horse myself – I really love these little big horses and I think your pictures really show their magic and wonderful character.

Herzliche Grüsse/ best regards – Martina from Berlin/Germany

Martina from Berlin/Germany

Bruce Lindbloom

Hello. I have made five, 3-week trips to Iceland (two bicycling the Ring Road, and three backpacking in the West Fjords). I love the beauty of Iceland (and the beauty of my half-Icelandic wife).

I get turned off by all the tourist stuff, especially the photo books. But the instant I saw your book I could tell it stands out from the rest. You have really captured the raw beauty and emotion that I have only experienced first hand. My photos always fall short. I immediately bought your book, and since returning home, I wanted to buy a few more as gifts. But I cannot find this book for sale anywhere on the internet. How can I buy it (without waiting until my next trip to Iceland, which will surely happen)?



Bruce Lindbloom

Dear Johannes

Whilst traveling the West fjords earlier this year, I have bought your booklet “Moments from Iceland” in the Hotel Sandafell in Thingeyri.

I would like to get a second one – but cannot find it in international book stores. Please let me know what procedure you normally use to ship to locations outside Iceland.

Thank you for your response.

Best regards,


Wilfried Segmueller

HROSS, meaning horses in Icelandic, I found in a small photography shop where the work of different Icelandic photographers is sold. On my first day in Reykjavik I made one of the most famous Icelandic tours, ‘The Golden Circle tour’ and had the chance to see the Icelandic horses close by, it has a long history that you can read here. The book contains beautiful photos of horses shot by Icelandic photographer Johannes Frank


I visited Iceland for the first time back in March.  Staying in Reykjavik, I came upon the little photography shop up the main street. I was blown away by your photographs of horses.  I couldn’t decide which one to buy so instead I bought the book Hross which had them all in.  So glad I did.

Cathy Cooper

Cathy Cooper
Jackie M. on February 15, 2016.


In 2010 I decided to publish my first book I wanted it to be in Black and White. The reason for using black and white was mainly because I wanted to go out from the mainstream in Icelandic landscape books which are almost all in color.

Very few modern landscape books of Icelandic landscape exist.

This book is now sold out

The natural beauty of Iceland uncovered.
I traveled to Iceland recently and I want to tell you a little bit about this beautiful land with its raw landscape. This land really got to me and it is easy to imagine that you could be on the moon sometimes as well as being on earth. On this trip I looked for some photographic book with real photographs but in spite of my effort and a lot of books to choice from I could only find one book that got my attention, a book called Moments from Iceland by Johannes Frank. All the images in this book are shoot in color and then converted to black and white cut and worked on in a digital darkroom, and made in such a way that they grab the beauty of image by Michael Kenna. One could miss some originality in this beautiful view and some could find it to smooth or to perfect. But when looking at how the photographer choice to adjust contrast, the use of long exposure time and the simplicity of the images witch sometime reaches an abstract form, when all this comes together the images will touch the viewer and gives the inside in the photographers ability to handle the technical aspect of photography as well of showing us the artist behind the camera.
Do not let this book pass by.

Frédéric at FNAC www.fnac.com

I bought your book ‘Moments from Iceland’. Finally, I have had time to see it; I have spent a great afternoon. Your landscapes are expressive, intense, vivid, and very suggestive.
It’s been a pleasure to discover your vision of Iceland.

Isabel Díaz

Saw your book while on a photo trip to Iceland last month at an Akureyri bookstore.  I picked up a copy at the airport on the way back to the U.S. and wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the images and the B&W treatment you added.  Since I’ve only been able to get over to your country three times so far I haven’t been able to explore as deeply as I would like, so I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Joe Vogan

I bought your book and took some good time to look thru it.
I have to say that you can be very proud of this book.
My feelings is that you have made your own unique style witch I have not seen before.This poetic style in text and presentation is working for me.
Images are very artistic and show a mind with good insight.

Einar Gudmann