My Favorite choice of color.

Black and White Photography. My biggest passion is without doubt landscape, and Icelandic horses. I sometimes mix my photography with other things like abandoned houses which have a special kind of beauty to them. They have a story, many of them long lost.

For me black and white gives me the most pleasure and I feel really good when I have shot an image I know that will be great in black and white.

Although I do take color photos black and white gives me the freedom I need in many photos to express what I see without color interrupting. It is giving me more graphical viewpoints in a way that color can’t. The image becomes more equal to me. I would say that 80% of the time I choose B&W over color simply because I find they work better like. There is a lot of color in this type of photography.

Ansel Adams famous  Zone system

My favorite Black and White photographers are Ansel Adams The master of B&W photography. Michael Kenna and Ragnar Axelsson  They all have had influence on photography .