Landscape in Color

Every photographer take landscape  images, and most of them use color to express there take on the subject, all have there different approach to this extremely popular photography.

Though majority of my photographs are shown in Black and white I shoot them all in color to begin with.  They are convert in Black & White later. Taking color images have often been difficult for me to connect with. I sometime use color if I feel they are better in color rather than B&W version.

To explain a little better. If I shoot a field with a small yellow house on it with a red roof. People how look at the image will be drawn to look mostly at the house with the red roof. However striping the image of its dominant color will make the image more visible as a hole. Same goes for color images. If we want image with red Rose we like to use color.

Icelandic Landscape has been photographed over and over, always something new to see. I  could talk endlessly about the landscape of my country. I’m just going to refer to this sentence.

” Iceland A Miracle Of Nature”