Thorro Clean

thorro clean bore cleaner

Thorroclean Bore Cleaner.

Is this the best barrel?

Seven years ago, I started short-range benchrest again after many years absent from this sport. At the same time, I began to get some bad Eczema on my fingers which I am still battling.
Cleaning the barrels with solvent-type products was difficult though I used gloves. I always somehow ended up getting this stuff on my hands.
I have tried many types of cleaning products, and they all did the job, but all of them have some solvents, making them difficult for me to use.

When I bought my Bat Neuvo action from Bullet Central, I found out they had a barrel-cleaning product that promised to have no solvent. So I bought two Thorroclean sets to test.
Bullet Central recommend using an ISSO nylon brush to clean with, so I got a few of them as well.
Thorroflean is a two type of product, Thorroflush, and Thorroclean ) First, a patch of Thorroflush is pushed thru the barrel, then Thorrocelan is put on a nylon brush ( or a tight fitting patch ) to remove carbon and copper.
At first, I was skeptical and continued to use solvent-based products alongside Thorroclean.
Getting the Thorro clean on my hands gives me no problems, I can easily clean a barrel without cloves if I choose.

The Thorroclean bore-cleaner I bought first was on the thicker side. It was like yogurt, but it held up well in the nylon brush.

A friend of mine asked if I could give him some of this stuff to test on hunting rifles he regularly cleaned. He was satisfied and asked me to help him get this stuff too many of his shooting buddies. I was happy to help and ordered many units from BC.
The Thorroclean that came was now about 70% thinner, it was hard to get it to stay in the nylon brush.
I stopped using brushes and tried to use only patches. It turned out to be excellent and very promising.

It is best if the patches are a little tight on the jag.

When I was packing for the 8th European Benchrest Championship in France.

I decided only to take the Thorroclean Borecleaner and one small bottle of solvent-type cleaning products.
We shoot 100 and 200m LV and 100, 200, and 300 meters plus practice before the match. Overall I shot 480 shoots during these 8. days.

Shooting days

I cleaned like this, two patches of Thorroflush, One patch of Thorroclean. Brushed 10 to 15 times thru the bore, then flushed with Thorroflush and dry patches.
After the end of each shooting day, I pushed one patch with solvent thru the bore and let it stay that way until the next day.
The barrel I took with me had some 500 shoots on it when I left for the EBC8.

On the day we were shooting HV 200 meters, I asked one of the team members from the Belgian team to loan me a bore scope they had with them. I looked thru the bore and then asked the team member from Belgium to look and give me his opinion. He looked thru the bore and asked me if I had just put on a new barrel. It´s like a mirror, he said. At this point, the barrel had some 900 shoots thru it.

Every morning I pushed a dry patch thru the bore to see if I had any blue strikes. Each morning, nothing except one day, just a hint of blue.

My conclusion is that Thorroclean is an excellent barrel-cleaning one can get,  it is possibly the best barrel-cleaning product out there, in my opinion.
Thorroflush and Thorroclean: Highly recommend if you have Eczema or not.

One thing worth mentioning. Shake the Thorroclean extra well, I mean extremely. I had to put a stainless steel nut inside to make this easy.