About 3 years ago I artist name Hulda Halldór came to me and asked if I could take photographs of here artwork, she wanted to have images of here work.

Well I agreed and we started to plan for the shoots witch I thought would be a quick job and would only take a few weeks to finish. After we started Hulda mention to me that the images would look good for a book,  that changed the hole project and I had to rethink the hole shoot.

This was in 2011 and 3 years later the job is finished after many delay from my part since I was often to busy in my work (photographing is my hobby) to go out and shoot. This job involved taking here art work all over Reykjavik area and some of the work included a coffin witch we shoot in a children playground, a stainless steel cross with 1352 copper cross attached to it witch we shoot on a highway near Reyjavik and a doll nailed to a cross. This is just a part of this job witch we choice images for to make a 76 page book from. The book is now published and available  in English and it is called “Lifetime”