The Black Waterfall 20 meter high
N64 1.38203 W16 58.49682
40m minutes walk form the tourists info office at Skaftafell Iceland.
When I arrived there were many tourist st the waterfall, I had to make a decision to shoot the back of all the tourists and have the waterfall as a background 😉 I decided against it and went in front of all the people over the rope that is there so people like me does not go over and to close to the waterfall, What can you do is you want a shoot of the waterfall ? 🙂 well I went over put op my tripod and my Nikon D800 and 18-35 lens and shoot my images witch took me about 15-20 minutes. When I turned around I saw about 10 -15 people holding there cameras waiting for me to finish;-) I quickly got my gear and went my way hoping I did not spoil to much.
Johannes Frank