Unpredictable Sea

Recently I was shooting on the south coast in Iceland near a small town called Grindavik on the Reykjanes peninsula. I had been shooting some waves surrounding the Sea Kattle (Brimketill in Icelandic). The waves ware not very big but you had to be careful of the salty spry   from them. I ware also shooting a video with my Samsung phone and on the location in the video I was also shooting long exposure images with my Nikon and Lee filters. So when I put down my gear I looked on the rocks and saw that the rocks ware dry meaning there waves would not reach my tripod or my bag I put down on the ground. After few minutes I decited to move my tripod some 4 meters back to get a wider view of the waves braking on the rocks and I’m glad I did, because if not my bag would have been filled with seawater ruin all my lenses and extra Samsung NX 500 camera. So it is very important when shooting on a beach with waves like that day to look at least for 10 minutes to see how the waves are behaving.