Chernobyl  is one of this name people of my generation will not forget. On 26 April 1986 30 years ago I was 23 years old living in west fjords in Iceland working in a fish factory. I heard about this disaster in the radio and TV news. We had no idea about all the terrible deaths and situation in Chernobyl at this time news from the former Soviet union ware not reliable in any way at this time. Now  year 30 years later I visited Chernobyl and Pripyat with my wife Mayya how is born in Ukraine (had newer been to Chernobyl before) It was very strange to be there you could clearly fell that this is a unique place unlike any other. We bought this one day trip in Kiev Ukraine  and left for Chernobyl early in the morning. On the bus we ware shown a video with news clips from the disaster in 1986, clips I had newer seen before, they opened my eyes for the fact how close we came to wipe our Europe as we know it today. the firefighters and miners how ware there saved Europe, what they did was stopping this already disaster to be come an ultimate disaster for all Europe. At one time there ware 500.000 thousand people working the to clean up radioactive earth and buildings.

Seeing Chernobyl and specially the city Pripyat was very interesting there is still very high amount of radiation on the site (and will be for a long time) but it is ok to stay for a short time at this places the radiation you will get is similar to fly over  Europe in a airplane. It is obvious that the residents had to leave in a hurry and they did it on the promise that they would return in a few days, witch they never did. For me it was very interesting to see how rapidly nature can take over a hole city, it will be interesting to see this place after another 30 years! We ware there during summer and trees ware in full blossom making it hard to see the place, it would be more interesting to see this place during fall or wintertime. I can highly recommend visiting Chernibyl. If I go again I think however that two day stay is a must specially if you want to photograph  because one day trip gives you only about 3 hours of time there due to the time it takes to drive from Kiev witch is about 2,5 hours depending on traffic.

A United Nations study estimates the final total of premature deaths associated with the disaster will be around 4000, mostly from an estimated 3% increase in cancers which are already common causes of death in the region.[2]

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