I have often bee asked way I make so many images in black and white, images people have found more beautiful in color. That is thru I like black and white images a lot and for me it is often the only way to express my feeling for landscape. I feel that landscape in color images can of course bee beautiful and I  shoot many images in color, but some images are just made for black and white.

To give a example what I m talking about I give this short explanation: Imagine a beautiful landscape with green rolling hills, trees and blue sky with puffy clouds and in the middle of the image is a small yellow house with red roof. Well I bet that the house with its yellow walls and red roof is the main thing that stands out in the image making the landscape disappear a little and it becomes less important, converted to black and white the hole images often comes to live as you take in all the elements without extractions like single red roof. Like wise some image can not work in black and white and it takes some time to start thinking if an image will work in B/W while you shoot it.

Bellow is and example of an image I shoot many years ago. A color image I never found to work, when converted to black and white I feel it come to live and the horse relay stands out

Working on this a few years back I had this image in color it did not come to me to convert it to b/w. until a few weeks ago I found the original image on a old hard drive and I tested this image on the NIK software I often use.

The result are shown here from the original image to the final result. To do this I first worked on the image in Photoshop to make the color right before converting toblack and white in NIK. To me the result are much more powerful than the color image.

What do you think? please comment below.

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